Meet Viva Sage.

I am a self-taught photographer visual artist from Soweto, I have trained my eyes to see art in all living things especially human beings because we are created with different looks with extraordinary features that tell a story about one’s past and present life.

My work is all about open-minded ideas also a vision that creates engagement amongst us people to talk about moments never to be captured again. I love Photography because it saved my life, I use to suffer from depression. 

When I started to take pictures of people, I realized that my problems are not big as I have imagined, the dialogs and conversations that came with the process of photographing people helped me heal because I started to learn that my life problems were not big or worse than of the people I have met through my photography journey. 

Photography, Picture-making, or documenting stories is a calling to me, especially when I use creative thinking to create work that will connect people and spark a feeling of wanting to know more about what my eyes see.

My work is about sharing untold stories of humankind, stories that make a positive impact on the ones seeking to heal and be heard, I take pictures to show the everyday African raw life.

I want my work to inspires people of all ages, demographics, or nationalities to never give up on their lives, dreams, and mostly themselves. 

I am Viva Sage Thabethe, Once upon a time in life I’ve hit rock bottom many times then I realized that this rock bottom I’ve hit is a great foundation to start building my life again. Photography saved my life and it continues to do so. I love documenting the art in people and their stories.

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